A collection of NMR examples


NMR spectra are usually not that complicated. Unprepared, however, one usually faces a disorderly chaos. This collection of tasks will try to unravel this "chaos" systematically by means of examples of varying degrees of difficulty.

Two options


A series of about 50 problems is available in printable form. The print version will not be developed further. It can be downloaded here (German language only).

Step by step

Have an look at the question on your desktop or smartphone and follow a step-by-step approach to the solution. Problem and associated solution are available for download in Powerpoint format if required.

If you are using a cellular phone

The step-by-step approach works perfectly on the desktop and most tablets. On cellular phones, PowerPoint documents are displayed incorrectly in browsers using the currently available software version from Microsoft. There is a workaround, but it is unfortunately much too complicated to be practical. As an alternative, all documents can be saved locally. Feel free to follow the download links. A free PowerPoint viewer is available in both the iOS and Android AppStores. As a bonus, there would be no need for a permanent internet connection.


The author is always grateful for criticism, suggestions, references to errors and information about the design via email.